2019 Canada Sales Congress

7:00 AM

Breakfast in the Exhibitors’ Hall

8:00 AM

Do not miss the kick-off presentation and the introduction by Jim Ruta, Master of ceremonies

8:08 AM

Solomon Hicks

8:35 AM

Darren Ulmer

8:57 AM

Samuel Waxman

9:19 AM

Marg Manias

9:50 AM

Break and networking in the Exhibitors' Hall

10:30 AM

Vincent D'Addona

10:52 AM

Dana Mitchell

11:14 AM

Curtis Cloke

11:50 AM

Masters Gala Luncheon sponsored by PPI

1:00 PM

Networking in the Exhibitor's Hall

1:25 PM

The Joe Dickstein Scholarship sponsored by PPI

1:29 PM

Jim Ruta kicks-off the next session

1:30 PM

Master Advisor Panel: Guiding advisors toward business growth!

Justine Zavitz, Zavitz Insurance Inc.
Mark Halpern,®
Michael Morrow, Certified Financial Planner and Author

This panel discussion, animated by Jim Ruta, will explore sales ideas and challenges facing advisors.

The panel will also be broadcasted via the live-streaming option for attendees who registered across Canada.

2:15 PM

Lorne Schecter

2:35 PM

Michael Danks

2:55 PM

Break and networking in the Exhibitors' Hall

3:15 PM

Ryan Riffel

3:35 PM

Van Mueller

4:15 PM

Jim Ruta wraps-up the Canada Sales Congress with ideas that will fill your daily agenda towards growth and sales success!

4:25 PM

Cocktail in the Exhibitors' Hall

4:40 PM

Prize draw

6:00 PM

End of the day!