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Jennifer Powers, MA, MCC, is a highly sought after coach, trainer, and author. She is a leading expert in helping professionals improve their confidence and competence so they can live and work at their full potential.

Jennifer founded her coaching and speaking practice in 2005. Since then she has coached hundreds of professionals, executives and entrepreneurs and has delivered powerful keynote addresses to over 250,000 people around the globe.

In January of 2016, Jennifer received her MCC (Master Certified Coach), the highest earned credential from the International Coach Federation, which puts her in the top 4% of coaches worldwide.

With clients on five continents, the energy and excitement Jennifer brings to her work is contagious as she inspires change in the lives and businesses of her clients across the world.

Her best-selling book Oh, Shift! and Oh, shift! for Teens are available in bookstores across the country. Coaches and speakers can now become licensed facilitators of her ground-breaking content through the Oh, shift! Workshop Kits.

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Jennifer Powers

Erica Lee CFP, CLU, CHS is passionate about enlightening her fellow millennials about the merits of proper insurance and financial planning as a way to help them meet their life and money goals. Her solution to achieving this mission is providing more approachable, relevant information and delivering it in the way, and at the speed, her market consumes it.

As a second generation financial professional, she repackages the traditional information gleaned from working with her father in today’s language and style to lead her younger clients to long term financial security. Erica is a graduate of the University of Toronto with a degree in Economics. She made it her mission to get her formal advisor qualifications at the beginning of her career so she had the tools needed to communicate professionally and effectively with all her clients.

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Erica Lee

Burlacoff Financial Services Inc. is a comprehensive financial services firm with family roots dating back over 55 years. Clients appreciate the expertise, excellence, professionalism and customer service of the firm – which helps them achieve their financial objectives.

Brian is a multiple recipient of the financial industry’s National Quality Award and is a member of the prestigious Million Dollar Round Table’s “Top of the Table”, ranking him amongst the top one percent of the world’s leading financial services professionals. He proudly holds numerous designations, including CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER which is one of the top credentials for insurance and wealth advisors. He’s a published author and sought-after speaker within the industry who’s presented on financial planning across Canada, the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe, and Asia. He’s been interviewed on radio and television about financial topics by local and national media on numerous occasions.

Brian’s family has provided trusted investment and insurance advice to individuals and businesses for decades. Carrying on this legacy, Brian became a Sun Life Financial advisor over 25 years ago and established “Burlacoff Financial Services Inc.” His dual masters degrees in Accounting and Business Administration enhance his ability to help clients reach their goals.

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Brian Burlacoff

Brian grew up east of Toronto, in Whitby. His passion for hockey allowed him to pursue opportunities to play major junior and a brief, minor pro career, after being drafted by the Buffalo Sabres. As Brian now says, fortunately hockey did not work out.

Brian is a graduate of York University. He entered the financial services industry in 2001, with London Life and in 2006, founded “Scott Insurance Services”. Brian works with fellow entrepreneurs and understands that creative, forward thinking strategies that are client-driven, are essential to maintain a competitive advantage.,

Brian holds designations as a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and a Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU). He is a member of CALU (Conference of Advanced Life Underwriting) and a qualifying member of the Million Dollar Round Table.

Brian met his wife, Tina, in 2009, while vacationing in Hawaii. They reside in Toronto with their son and daughter.

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Brian Scott

As founder of Prairie Pacific Insurance in 1978, now PPI, Jim guided the company to become one of Canada’s leading national insurance marketing organizations.  From his early days selling life insurance and group benefits, Jim has been committed to the business fundamentals of relationships – trust, respect and loyalty – the cornerstones of PPI’s success. Today PPI offers actuarial, tax and specialized expertise in all aspects of life insurance, and specifically in its design and custom application.

A pioneer among life insurance professionals, Jim is a driving force in raising industry standards and was instrumental in founding CALU (Conference for Advanced Life Underwriting), acting as its Chairman until 1994 and currently an honorary board member. Jim has been a qualifying and life member of the Top of the Table (a division of the Million Dollar Round Table) for 27 years and was the first Canadian Chair of its advisory board in 1985.

In 1990, Jim joint ventured with Prudential Insurance Company of America to form Prudential of America Life Insurance Company (Canada) and served as its Vice Chairman until it was sold to RBC Insurance in 2000. Jim is Chair of the Family Enterprise Xchange Foundation, a national organization for business families and their advisors, helping them to achieve inter-generational success, harmony and continuity. A recognized sales leader and high-profile international speaker, Jim has spoken on MDRT’s main platform and frequently addresses life insurance, accounting and legal professional associations.

Jim Burton

Guy is an experienced life insurance and wealth consultant with over 50 years of experience. He has appeared on numerous talk shows and tele-video conferences, including several times speaking on the MDRT Main Platform. He was named by Worth Magazine, as one of the USA’s top 250 planners. OC Metro picked Guy as a 5 Star adviser in 2010-15.

Guy helped found the National Association of Family Wealth Counselors professionals dedicated to providing legacy and wealth planning to high net worth families. He has lectured at various estate planning council meetings, spoken at several CLU Institutes and was featured on a six CLU Conferences. A frequent writer and speaker, Guy has spoken to advisors in more than 30 countries. His most recent book “The Great Wealth Erosion” details the four factors investors need to manage to improve portfolio performance.

Guy has qualified for the Million Dollar Round Table 46 times and one of only 30 to qualify more than 36 times for the Top of the Table. Other books by Guy include “Manage Markets, Not Stocks” and “Investment Alchemy” both are guides to understanding modern portfolio theory. He also wrote “Market Tune-up”, “Why People Buy”, and “Baker’s Dozen – 13 Principles for Financial Success”, each with over 40,000 in print. His bestselling booklet is the “The Box”, an easily understood guide to the mathematics of life insurance. He also wrote Maximize the Red Zone, a guide for business owners.

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Dr. Guy E. Baker

Whitney Hammond, principal of Sovereign Wealth Management, has been in personal practice since 1997. Whitney is a recognized leader in the Canadian financial planning field and a frequent speaker at events focusing on estate planning.

With exceptional knowledge in wealth accumulation and preservation, Whitney coaches clients to build solid financial plans which include tax and estate plans, testamentary trusts, tax sheltered growth plans and, for business owners, comprehensive succession plans and exit strategies. Her expertise in wealth management, and focus on delivering effective programs has allowed her to build trusting, inter-generational relationships with her clients.

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Whitney Hammond

Kyle Richie is an experienced and respected financial advisor known throughout the financial industry for his knowledge, enthusiasm and high energy level. He is continually sought after for sharing wealth management strategies. Kyle was Investors Group’s #1 advisor in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 in New Business Credits.

Kyle is frequently asked to motivate and educate other advisors, and has been a featured keynote speaker at Investors Group meetings and conferences nationwide.

He has held over 200 client seminars and has provided insights and help to over 2,000 advisors. Kyle is known for his ability to explain everything from financial products to augmented tax deductions with strength and clarity. His focus and drive are not diminished after working hours are over as Kyle is happily married and the father of three.

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Kyle Richie

Amy Tong, CLU, RHU, CHFC is an MDRT “Top of the Table” qualifier and president of AT Financial Group, an MGA in Richmond Hill, Ontario. As a lifetime member of the MDRT, Amy demonstrates exceptional professional knowledge, strict ethical conduct, and outstanding client service.

She has over 25 years experience in the financial and insurance services industry. She has been hosting seminars for dentists, doctors and other health care professionals about disability and critical illness insurance as well as wealth management and tax planning solutions since 1997.

To provide holistic financial planning for her clients, Amy works with a team of other professionals including lawyers, accountants, wealth consultants and tax specialists.

Amy has chaired many community charity projects for the Junior Chamber of Commerce, which earned her the World Award on Leadership. She has been the recipient of numerous awards acknowledging her active professional involvement in the business community.

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Amy Tong

Michael joined Desjardins Insurance in 1999 as a customer service representative when the company began to expand its footprint outside of the province of Quebec.  Since then he has held a number of positions in many areas of the company. He also participated in the integration of companies that Desjardins acquired over the past few years.

His experience as a manager with Desjardins Insurance, combined with past work in the field as both sales manager and advisor, provides him with a unique perspective; it allows him to balance the needs and expectations of advisors and customers while developing a long-term growth plan for Desjardins Insurance.

In his current role, Michael oversees the transformation of Desjardins Insurance’s distribution strategy incorporating multiple sales channels across Canada. He is also responsible for the Desjardins Financial Security Investments mutual fund dealership with over $15 billion in assets under administration.

Fluent in both French and English, Michael holds a Bachelor’s degree from Laval University as well as an executive MBA from McGill University & HEC Montreal.

Michael Rogers