Our full speakers line up is now confirmed!

Discover this amazing roster of top performing life insurance Sales Masters!

7:00 am – Breakfast in the Exhibitors’ Hall

New in 2018: the Meet & Greet Cafe!

8:00 am – Kick-off and introduction by Jim Ruta

8:10 am – Brian Burlacoff – What Being a Beneficiary Teaches about Selling!

A second-generation Sun Life advisor and a Hall of Famer, Brian learned the value of Critical Illness Insurance the hard way – personal experience. Not only Brian, but also his wife, are critical illness survivors and critical illness insurance beneficiaries. Always an insurance believer, this deep personal insight gave him even more passion to sell the coverage to his clients and prospects. Hear his inspiring story, discover the lessons he learned and the communication strategies he uses to help consumers protect themselves and their lifestyles today. As a MDRT Main Platform Alumnus, you can be sure this is a talk you’ll never forget.

Brian’s biography

Brian Burlacoff

8:30 am – Amy Tong – Build Your Unique Approach for a Unique Business!

From promising young advisor to MDRT’s Top of the Table and a successful Managing General Agent at the same time, Amy Tong has exploded the stereotypes and excelled in the insurance business her way. She has always had a unique approach to the business and she will talk about how she has been able to stay a top producer and lead a busy organization too. She is a force to be reckoned with in her market.

Amy’s biography

Amy Tong

8:55 am – Erica Lee – Millennials: Selling the Forgotten Market!

No one calls millennials. No one sells millennials. Millennials won’t buy any insurance – or will they? Yes, they will, says millennial advisor, Erica Lee. A second-generation advisor working in her family’s firm, Erica uses 21st Century strategies to reach this tech savvy group and help them take care of themselves and their future responsibilities. It turns out that they are more responsible than some older advisors might think and more interested in their future than many expect. Find out what they buy and why. Here are some tools and techniques you can use to attract millennial business.

Erica’s biography


9:15 am – Dr. Guy E. Baker – Complicated Business does not mean Complicated Presentations – Discover the secrets of a Legend!

Former President of MDRT and a 40 year member of Top of Table, Guy uses simple ideas to explain complex concepts so his clients understand why insurance is the best solution for their problems. He will share several concepts that demonstrate how you can apply his ideas and insights into a more effective presentation that will help you close larger cases. A man whose deep faith carries him through each day and helps him face the tough challenges of life, will share with you how you can achieve your goals, just as he has.

Guy’s biography

Guy Baker

9:50 am – Coffee Break and Networking in the Exhibitors’ Hall

New in 2018: the Meet & Greet Cafe!

10:30 am – Cleo Castillo – Prospecting, prospecting, prospecting!

While a veterinarian in his home country of the Philippines, Cleo immigrated to Canada 10 years ago to take a vet technician job in a pig barn in Manitoba. 10 years ago, he joined Knights of Columbus Insurance and from the start, has always been among their top 3 app producers in North America. He is a Life and Qualifying Member of the Million Dollar Round Table and his secret is prospecting. You will be wowed when he explains how he does it.

Cleo’s biography

Cleo Castillo

10:50 am – Brian Scott – Lessons Learned in the Minors Keeps You in the Majors!

A former professional hockey player, Brian Scott has taken the discipline and effort he learned into the business arena and scored in Canada and the US. Brian works the executive and business markets through centres of influence. He has a unique way of explaining complicated insurance products, so his prospects understand the value to them and take action in their own favour. Brian’s soft-spoken approach belies the power of what he has accomplished as a top producer.

Brian’s biography

Brian Scott

11:15 am – Jennifer Powers – Reject Rejection! Here’s how to literally change your mind about it!

Jennifer Powers is the author of the best-selling book “Oh Shift!”. A New Jersey native now living in Portland Oregon, Jennifer coaches professionals all over the globe to help them improve their performance, including how to handle rejection more effectively. Whether responding to an approach, a close, or a referral request, Jennifer’s unique perspective will make you more powerful and more professional at the same time. There is a way to handle the negatives in your business without taking it all so personally or getting defensive. In this inspiring and entertaining session, Jennifer presents easy-to-implement strategies that will help you handle all the “shift” in your business.

Jennifer’s biography

Jennifer Powers

12:00 pm – Masters Gala Luncheon

1:00 pm – Networking in the Exhibitor’s Hall

New in 2018: the Meet & Greet Cafe!

1:30 pm – Industry Leaders Panel: Guiding advisors toward business growth!

Jim Brownlee
Michael Rogers
Jim Burton

2:05 pm – Whitney Hammond – The Production Power of Passion, Persistence and Persuasion!

There’s no question who’s at the controls of her business or her brand-new Cessna when you listen to Whitney Hammond. She pilots her business and personal aircraft with the same power and precision that makes her a Top of the Table Producer and an excellent pilot. Working in a male dominated sector of the marketplace, Whitney’s passion, persistence and persuasion demonstrate the value of permanent cash value life insurance to top executives and business owners for consistent production.

Whitney’s biography

Whitney Hammond

2:25 pm – Kyle Richie – Clear Communication to Control the Medical Professional Market!

A top life insurance producer from an investment company? Yes, Kyle Richie is an insurance leader with a major Canadian carrier while running his business, at Investors Group. Kyle is a Senior Executive Consultant at Investors and has held over 100 prospect and client seminars. He works primarily with doctors and dentists to help with their wealth management strategies and uses life insurance to do it. Kyle is known for his ability to communicate complicated concepts with strength and clarity.

Kyle’s biography

Kyle Richie

2:55 pm – Coffee Break and Networking in the Exhibitors’ Hall

New in 2018: the Meet & Greet Cafe!

3:15 pm – David Hull – The Simple Way to Win Trust and Sell Entrepreneurs!

The son and grandson of industry legends, David Hull has his own way of doing business. An outstanding prospector, David works with business owners and entrepreneurs on their personal and family needs and avoids the accountants and lawyers. Although a broker, he sells almost exclusively for his first carrier and never gets into “illustration wars” with prospects and will tell us why.

David’s biography

David Hull

3:35 pm – Joseph Jordan – Learn and Leverage the True Value of your Life License!

Is there anyone who believes more in the value of what a life insurance advisor does than Joe Jordan? It’s not likely. Joe has spoken on the main platform at MDRT, GAMA LIMRA, NAIFA, and FPA. As a financial professional and industry veteran, Joe believes that no one has a more meaningful and lasting impact on the lives of your clients than you do. Joe’s message of significance will reawaken your sense of purpose in the value you deliver to your clients.

Joseph’s biography

Joseph Jordan

4:15 pm – Jim Ruta’s conclusion

4:25 pm – Cocktails and prize draws in the Exhibitor’s Hall