What you’ll learn at the 2017 Canada Sales Congress



→ What to do to break out of average
→ How to take your business to the next higher level
→ What to change to appeal to today’s buyer
→ Can you be dramatically more productive and multiply your sales totals?
→ Why life insurance can still be your business
→ Understanding what the beneficiaries of your work really think
→ What Top of the Table advisors do to be Top of the Table
→ Why regulation does not have to knock you out of the business


→ New ways of selling an old product – life insurance
→ How proper client service leads to more business and more referrals
→ New concepts for attracting prospects
→ Selling to millennials
→ Working with a client’s professional advisors more effectively
→ Stories that convince people to do the right thing
→ How to sell it all and still specialize
→ The power of seminar selling
→ Integrating more insurance sales in your investment business
→ International ideas that work in the domestic market
→ The art of million dollar cases
→ Sales tools you need to be a sales leader
→ How to be better than a robo-advisor and artificial intelligence



→ What to say to appeal to and attract today’s client
→ Simplifying your sales approach
→ The undeniable power of asking
→ How to position yourself and your business
→ How to position whole life insurance with prospects
→ Overcoming client concerns effectively
→ The power of specific words in a presentation
→ New ways of saying what you do
→ “Motivating Stories” you can use
→ How insurance makes a difference
→ Speaking to business owners and executives
→ The real value of the products you sell


→ The required steps to building a successful life insurance business
→ Using market regulation to build your business
→ Developing junior associates
→ The value and necessity of “making the calls”
→ How to be dramatically more productive than you are today in less time
→ What it takes to sell hundreds, not dozens of insurance cases every year
→ Winning ideas on working with successors, especially family
→ Handling business challenges in a unique way and winning
→ Leveraging your personal strengths for serious business success
→ Juggling family and a successful insurance business
→ How to work with family – if you want to or have to
→ How to drive performance with activity



→ The winning perspective on whatever happens in the marketplace
→ Finding and developing a niche market
→ The essentials on selling more
→ Ideas that will inspire you enough to prospect
→ Prospecting scripts and strategies to get clients to call you
→ How to get involved in a market so you become the “go-to” person to call
→ How to use marketing and advertising effectively and productively
→ Working with elder clients